“White miracle”

White miracleBlue vase with a white knitted cover. Cover can be removed and cleaned separately.

Height 28 cm
Diameter 8 cm
Price £15

On the moon

Most dates happen at night, under the moon light. The moon is just dazzling and romantic.
You can specify the name written within the heart. Make a unique gift to your beloved one.

Height 17 cm
Diameter 12 cm
Price £25

Night Kiss

night…it’s time for romance…
Blue glass vase with a romantic story that touches everyone

Height  23 cm
Diameter  10 cm
Price  £29.50 SOLD

Bird and flowers

Vibrant blooms and a bird grace this clear glass vase. Eye-catching design beautifully complements any bouquet of flowers, but also holds its own as a decorative piece of art when empty.

Height  28 cm
Diameter  8 cm
Price  £25 SOLD

Flower basket

A small vase decorated with thread and crocheted flowers. Would be a perfect gift.

Height  12 cm
Top diameter  5 cm
Price  £18     SOLD

Under the tree

Stunning glass vase styled on the Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt’s “Tree of Life”.
The distinct use of golden colours makes this design very desirable when produced on this glass vase.
By Collections Great Gift or Home decoration.

Height  17 cm
Diameter  12 cm
Price  £35    SOLD

Flowers and Butterflies

Home decor. The combination of cracked eggshell and decoupage technology have made this glass vase original and unique.

Height  12 cm
Top diameter  5 cm
Price  £18     SOLD


Glass vase, hand-painted

Height  18 cm
Top diameter  7 cm
Price  £15     SOLD