Dress “Orange”

Bright dress, suitable for any holiday.
For a child 6-9 months

Material: 100% cotton
Price: £15

Winter kit “Pink Pineapple”

Perfect for the winter, this warm cap with a flap connected to spokes.
Hat with a large pompom. Scarf and mittens in tone. Warm and stylish option for the little fashionista.

For a child 5-6 years

Material:  70% wool  30% acrylic
Price:  £30

Skirt “Snowflake”

Warm skirt will not only decorate your little princess, but it warms on cold days.

Material:  50% wool  50% acrylic
Price:  £20

Hat with ear-flaps “Patterns”

Children’s knitted hat with ear-flaps – is what we need for the winter! Hat looks amazing – very well chosen and the colour of yarn, soft blue, and ears will not freeze your ears from the icy winter wind 🙂

For a child 2 years

Material:  50%wool  50% acrylic
Price:  £20   MADE TO ORDER

Little angel dress

Elegant dress for a little girl.

For a child 3-4 years
Material: cotton
Price:  £49.99   MADE TO ORDER