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I am very glad you visited my site. My name is Nadia, I am an architect by profession, artist by hobby and mother-of-two by default. I love to create beautiful things and love to see even more that they are enjoyed by people. All pieces are designed and made by myself with love and care. Explore my website and I hope you could find something that will make you happy.

Nadia McNeva



Portraits and pictures from leaves

Pressed flower art is a unique and lasting way to bring the beauty of nature to your indoor world.
Unusual pictures can be a great gift! And if it’s your profile, it will be a memorable moment.

Pressed Flower Art
Pressed Flower Card Gallery
Botanical Bookmark Cards
Flower Portraits Gallery

Handpainted vases

Stunning ! That is the first word that comes to mind when seeing this hand-painted floral vase for the first time. Eye-catching design beautifully complements any bouquet of flowers but also holds its own as a decorative piece of art when empty!

Christmas decorations

Christmas Baubles decorate the tree with the Christmas spirit and thoughts of loved ones and happy memories. They can be gifts at Christmas, as well as beautifully decorating a Christmas tree. Christmas baubles create an individual look for every tree. They become a wonderful tradition of festive baubles that can be used every year, a joy to hang on the tree and a keepsake of many happy Christmases.

Something speсial

Pretty knickknacks to decorate your home

Knit a Plant-Pots Cozy
Home Accessories
Clothes for Barbie

Child Photo Memory Book

Child photo memory book

A custom childrens’ photo book –starring your own kids!– is a really special and fun gift, whether it be for the kids themselves or for another family member. This is something that your child will want to flip through again and again– even in his or her 30′s.


Play to Write

– Develop pre-writing skills
– Alphabet Worksheets
– Play and draw to develop kids fine motor skills
– Funky crosswords, mazes and more on reusable wipe-out cards

Custom made orders are always welcome!